Any boy’s bed of a dream is a car bed for a boy-bed machine is not only a bed but a games area. Such a bed for a child will be the most interesting part of the furniture in his room. The boy is proud of his home in front of friends, will gladly invite them to his guests. The process of placing a baby to sleep will be much easier as he will be willing to climb in such a wonderful bed.

When falling asleep the baby will imagine himself a great driver, fireman or a bus driver. What to look for when choosing a bed as the market of children’s furniture represented a huge range of beds of this type, which makes the selection of a suitable model more complex. The high-quality bed is the comfort of your baby.

Choosing a cot for the baby that is looking like a car, should pay attention to its quality because in the first place depends on the health of your baby. Most importantly, the bed was comfortable and reliable.

Size of a car bed is of great importance

Select the size of the bed depends on the growth of your boy. Sleeper in these cribs is: 80 cm wide, 210 cm long; width 90 cm, length 190 cm; 80 cm wide, 180 cm long; width 80 cm, length 160 cm. Buy a crib only for children who are 2-3 years is impractical because this furniture is not cheap. You can choose a bed slightly larger.

Materials for a car bed must comply with safety standards

The important point is that the material from which made the bed. Housings-bed machines are made from non-toxic environmentally friendly plastic and particle board. Determine at a glance the quality of the material is impossible; therefore, ask the seller of furniture health certificate for this product.

After reading the documents, you can find detailed information about the materials used and the level of security. The best fillers mattress spring units are considered. For packing, it is also suitable natural materials such as coir. This coconut filler does not breed pathogens. In addition, good filler for mattresses considered buckwheat husks. This natural material is micro baby’s skin and does not cause allergies.

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