Wooden furniture is considered to be a timeless classic. For many centuries mankind has used this material as one of the most important in home and furnishing creating.

Wood is suitable not only for the interior in a classic style but also for modern design, so the material does not lose its relevance.

Consider the main advantages of wood.


Wood is one of the most durable materials for making beds. It concedes only the metal in this aspect. Wood will serve you for years with proper operation. High-quality wood can stay attractive for centuries.

Strength of the frame of the bed is especially important. The most durable wood species is ash, beech and oak.

Environmentally friendly

In theory, wood belongs to the materials which are absolutely safe for human. But modern production can sometimes ruin this property.

In woodworking can be used harmful varnish or dye, that’s why choosing wooden bed should be especially careful.


Wood can be a leader in this. Furniture made of natural wood always looks very aesthetically pleasing and noble. Despite its strength this material is sufficiently malleable that you can create on the surface a unique thread or adding other decorative elements.

Unique shades of various wood species will help to find a suitable option for any interior.

Types of wooden beds

Today the market can offer several categories of wooden beds:

  • Natural wood;
  • Block of solid wood;
  • Wood veneer;
  • Plywood etc.

Of course natural wood furniture is considered the most reliable and environmentally friendly, but its price is quite high. If you want to find a more economical option you may prefer a bed made of solid wood blocks. In this case you need to be very careful because some producers may cheat customers giving a poor quality fake instead of natural wood. Buy solid wood furniture only from reputable manufacturers.The most economical option is the plywood bed. It is produced in such a way: wood chips are glued and pressing to become plywood and then cover it with textured membrane imitating oak or any other wood species. You need to note that membrane which is used for the plywood comprises harmful substances. They can cause allergic reactions and even poisoning decomposing over the time.

The bed is stuff you buy for many years, so it makes sense to choose more expensive but high-quality option.

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