It is important to pay attention to the characteristics and properties of the bed you buy. The bed – it’s not towels and toilet paper, the average visitor spends on your bed a third of the paid time. Working in the field of the hotel business, we often meet with clients who several times a year to change beds and hotel furniture fund that simply falling apart before our eyes. Saving is nice, but you cannot skimp on that can spoil the impression of your hotel service.

Here you will find the best choice of bed mattresses. There is a diverse range of bunk, single storey, three-tier beds and loft beds with a work area. Even if you do not like it, we’ll make a bed for you, and will be such an exclusive bed only for you.

Bed-transformers in hotels

Beds-transformers, two one-tier beds can be assembled one bunk. An indispensable thing is when you need to quickly accommodate additional people as well, and vice versa, during the recession of sales, such beds easily convert numbers to a comfortable stay in the twin room.

All guests have long been accustomed to the orthopedic basis in the lamellae, terribly inconvenient, on which rides a mattress, but still give, because it was cheaper in the first place. It is recommended to put a reinforced foundation for the mattress with stoppers. The base without birch slats, with a metal mesh. Insanely reliable and durable bought once, you will forget about the problems with the bed. For more information on such grounds, call specified in the header.

The bunk beds are made of solid wood and metal – is natural that metal beds are much safer than wooden counterparts, but here is debatable. There are sellers who manage to sell in hostels bunk beds designed for builders, the sort of “economy” class. These beds are not durable and are mainly used for several months and in workers’ sheds and trailers. Beds economy class, from unscrupulous manufacturers can add up right under the man because of the flimsy construction.

A thousand times think, on what is worth saving, and that you need to spend a little more of your money when buying twin beds in hotels.

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Photo gallery of Various Modifications of a Twin Bed

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