The normal individual spends 33% of their lives dozing – that is around 200,000 hours in bed. So you’ll need to get an ideal bed for you, so you can rest soundly and feel invigorated and prepared to go when you wake up.

A decent bed begins with a decent bed outline – we’ve plotted the fundamental sorts of bed underneath. Once you’ve picked a bed, you’ll require an awesome sleeping cushion to run with it. Our bedding audits can offer you some assistance with finding a bedding that will bolster your back well and keep going for quite a long time and years – and Best Buy sleeping pads begin at not exactly £200.

Divan beds are good for singles

A divan bed is the most well known and straightforward style of bed accessible – and there are endless assortments at a bargain. Basically, a divan is a base, on to which you include a bed bedding and headboard, here and there as a component of a bed bundle.

There are two sorts of divan base accessible. Pocket sprung divans have springs in the base, offering a milder top and additional solace. Less expensive stage top divans have a hard top and will give a firmer vibe, however, the general immovability of the bed will rely on upon the sleeping cushion you pick.

Pros of divan beds:

  • The most broadly accessible sort of bed;
  • They have a tendency to be less expensive than different sorts of bed;
  • There are bunches of sizes, shapes and capacity alternatives to browse.


Bedsteads are slated outlines (rather than strong bases), typically made of metal or wood and included a base, legs, and headboard. They’re generally a more beautiful choice, with distinctive hues, completes and styles to browse – from a conventional pine bedstead to an extravagant four-publication bedstead. Upholstered bedsteads, clad with cowhide or fake calfskin, are an undeniably well-known choice.

Pros of bedsteads:

  • They frequently look awesome, with loads of styles accessible;
  • There’s no compelling reason to purchase a different headboard;
  • Distinctive brace sorts are accessible to offer a harder or more adaptable feel.

Capacity beds for a couple

As the name recommends, capacity beds offer only that – heaps of clean stockpiling alternatives beneath or underneath the bed. They’re an awesome alternative in case you’re short on bedroom space, however, need something more upscale than a standard divan bed. Pick between capacity drawers or a footstool style bed that completely lifts up, giving you a chance to store your things inside.

Pros of a capacity bed:

  • They have loads of storage room;
  • They’re especially suitable for little bedrooms;
  • There are parcels more sorts of bed available – regularly intended to meet a particular necessity or engage specific age bunches.

Couch beds and collapsing beds: adaptable, reduced bed choices that function admirably in a visitor bedroom, or where a bed won’t be utilized ordinary.

Two beds in one for siblings and sisters in a mutual bedroom – and bunches of play a good time for children, as well.

Bunk beds: for littler kids, bed beds are convertible beds that can help your minimal one make the move from bed to bed. Our video manual for purchasing the best bunk bed incorporates guidance on purchasing a sheltered bed believes it or not for your youngster.

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Photo gallery of Various Kinds of Bed Design

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