In stores, you can find a huge selection of cots and cradles, as well as various accessories. On the one hand, it allows you to choose a model for anyone, even the most fastidious taste, and on the other – makes tormented by doubts of the parents, which option to choose.

Do you need a cradle for a baby?

From the point of view of psychology, newborn babies, who recently left her mother’s tummy comfortable, much more comfortable to sleep in the cradle, than in the big bed. It is this – huge – it seems every newborn baby cot.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of children’s cradle. The baby crib is cozy as a warm nest. It is quite mobile, it can be moved around the home, and it does not take up much space. But it is designed for children up to six months, but when you consider that some kids start to get up on its feet in the 5 months, the period of use of the cradle is greatly reduced.

That is why many mothers, in order to save adapted to use as a crib or stroller bassinet from her. Some families buy for this purpose a large wicker basket in which the baby at the first convenience.

A wooden cot

The most popular option as a child bed is a wooden cot bed with two positions: high – for babies, and lower – for children from six months.

This model is ideal for those who have decided to do without the cradle as a baby can sleep in it from birth to three years. It is very convenient to the foot of the bed castors. This makes it easy to move it around the apartment. This may be useful, for example in order to move up a bed for the night to its thus ensuring sleep closest to the joint. On the one hand, the child is in his bed, and the other – next to my mother.

This option has virtually no cons, the only thing you need to pay attention to is the fact that there was at the crib side hinged crossbar. It’s quite convenient for both mothers and for the baby.

Children’s beds with drawers

Typically, these beds are equipped with one or two drawers on wheels, standing on the floor that is easy to be nominated.

Boxes allow saving space for the deployment of toys or things. But not all of these beds are equipped with lids for these boxes, so the high position of the bottom bed, things that are stored there will be seen, and will gather dust. Typically, these beds are quite heavy, which excludes the possibility of their mobile movement.

Which model of a child bed to buy?

The choice for a baby bed is further complicated by the fact that we, in fact, still do not know for whom to buy it, that is, some kids do not like rocking in bed, while others are moving almost immediately into bed with their parents. But, despite this, something still can be provided. If you are considering the possibility of co-sleeping with your baby, you should not buy an expensive beautiful crib. Many parents who have opted for co-sleeping, doomed piece of furniture, which until recently were chosen so carefully on useless downtime in the corner. When the time comes, and the question arises, on the movement of a child from parental bed to his own bed, it will be appropriate to opt for a cute baby settee.

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