Recently, there have appeared a lot of varieties of contemporary bed linen, which is made of different materials, and, therefore, has different characteristics and is designed for different purposes. One type of bed linen is better suited for everyday use while the other one doesn’t approve frequent washings, and it is better to use for special events only.

The size of bed linen types

Also, according to bed linen reviews, the main difference is in the size. It can be designed for a double, single, child beds and cots for newborn. In addition, the choice of bed linen must comply with the overall design of the bedroom. Linens must integrate harmoniously with the interior of the bedroom and do not make the imbalance in the general background of all other elements.

Further, we will disclose the features of the choice of bed linen, its basic types, their characteristics, and at the end present a few tips on care of the linens. Knowing this, you will easily be able to answer the question – what is a better bed linen in your particular case.

Bed linen is used to cover a bed mattress. Under bed linen, it is understood a single set of woven fabrics. Depending on the set, the amount of bed linen made by UK retailers may vary, but there is always a complete duvet cover, sheets, and pillowcases. The most important difference lies in the bed linen’s material from which it is made. Consider the main types of fabrics used for the manufacture of bed linen types.

The types of material used for making bed linen:

  1. Batiste

To produce such fabrics it used red bed linen or cotton. The fabric is light and transparency. This is achieved by a special weave linen fiber and yarn using high numbers (especially fine thread). As a rule, batiste fabric used for the manufacture of luxury gift sets of linen (for example, wedding sets). A disadvantage cambric fabric is its high cost and with low wear. This linen is not intended for continuous use and after 50-70 washes the fabric comes into disrepair.

  1. Unbleached calico

The fabric is made of cotton. It features high density and durability. This is achieved by the very frequent cross-shaped weave of thick filaments. Linen of calico looks the same on the front and reverse side. Calico cloth more dense and rough, compared with the fabric of the lawn. Threads are thickening, clearly visible at close examination. But due to its high wearability, calico fabric is perfect for everyday use. The surface of the sheeting has no shine, it is flat and uniform.

  1. Bamboo

Bed linen of bamboo is made from bamboo fiber is a soft and sufficiently high strength. The quality of such a fabric is similar to silk and cashmere.

  1. Sateen

The manufacture of cotton sateen in contemporary bed linen is applied or synthetic materials. Satin has a brilliant color and a smooth, silky front surface. The fabric made from twisted, very fine yarn double weave. Moreover, the more twisted filament, the brighter the shine has a fabric. The filaments are arranged so close together that the satin material substantially does not shrink during operation.

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Photo gallery of Types of Contemporary Bed Linen

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