Iron beds during many years occupied a worthy place in the interior of each apartment or house. Many people remember not too attractive appearance, but a very strong design, equipped with an iron grid. Times are changing; modern iron beds, steel or iron is looking very different.

Designers create an iron bed, with a stylish, original look and beautiful form. Even the most ordinary iron beds for hospitals and dormitories have changed and become more attractive appearance. Advantages of iron beds are obvious. The main point is excellent quality at an affordable price.

Beds made of iron can be transported over long distances and not be afraid to damage, because structural strength is not in doubt, and the build process takes very little time. Iron Beds are the perfect furniture for the children’s health camps, recreation centers, student hostels and homes, temporary housing for workers, tourist campsites and hotels to hospitals and army barracks. Army iron beds have two tiers, allowing the economical use of living space.

Modern iron beds are made of pipes of different diameters. The top cover design is made of special powder paint. Colors of iron beds are enormously diverse. The most common “building” and army beds covered with gray paint, other models are of classic white or black. Iron beds can be welded or spiral grid. Bunk beds are often equipped with a ladder.

In addition to the ease of assembly and ease of transportation of modern iron, beds are highly hygienic and excellent environmental performance. That is why they are installed in hospitals, sanatoriums, children’s camps, in areas where cleanliness is paramount. For such institutions are best suited to model the welded frame, comfortable and can withstand heavy loads.

A modern high-tech production of contemporary iron beds allows to produce high quality and beautiful models meet all the requirements of the market. You can choose the optimal size for any room, and the number of levels. It should be noted that the bed domestic production do not differ with the reliability and originality of design than imported, so there is no need to buy a bed from abroad. A wide variety of color options execution, reliability and stylish design in modern iron beds makes them adorn the interior of any home.

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