Nothing cannot optimize the space of a small room more than a small bed-desk transformer. A variety of shapes and flight imagination of designers will make your interior is not only functional but also stylish. You can buy a bed desk or make it according to your whims: from color and end with the shape and size. Get to his apartment with maximum comfort and space. Surprise family and friends of extraordinary and comfortable interiors, using the loft bed. Make your life more interesting and Bole comfortable.

What is a bed-desk?

A bed-desk is an ordinary bed, only with the difference that the bed she was on the second shelf, and before he climb the stairs. And under the beds, on the ground floor is a desk, bedside tables, and a wardrobe or something else depending on the bed model. The winning point bed-desks is that you can “hide” desk, items, equipment and other household utensils under a bed, in the truest sense of the word! Not difficult to guess that it has received its name due to the stairs, which you take to bed, though the attic. The original idea is not only to save space but also in the daily unobtrusive gym – climbing on the bed and getting off it!

Most of these beds are opting for a child’s room, but also suitable for adults bedrooms double loft beds. They differ from normal only in that the bed is designed for two people, and, therefore, large in size.

Bed-desks usually are made of chipboard or natural wood. The difference in the effect on materials cost and quality. DSP does not hold nails and screws and also environmentally safe for humans. Sleep should be strong and healthy because we believe there is no overpayment cannot be compared with your health.

Advantages of bed-desks

Firstly, a loft bed is indispensable if you have a small room. Separately, bed, table, wardrobe and other furniture occupy a lot of space in the room. In addition, the room gradually accumulate books, magazines, and stuff, and it seems that fleas do not slip among all the trash though neatly arranged in order.

The advantage of any bed-desk is that it only takes one wall in a room, and a huge number of lockers and hidden spots allows to hide things. After all, usually, before you buy furniture, you figure out the parameters of his room, and then go to the store, also measure the size of each piece of furniture, given the dimensions of the room and what you need to still leave room for a desk or cabinet. And when buying a loft bed you do not need to think about it, do not need to search the table a certain size or a suitable enclosure. Everything has been thought out for you, as they say, all inclusive! Thus, you save your time and nerves, not to mention the free area in the room.

Bed-desk is not only comfortable and versatile in everyday life thing, its main advantage is that the children in her fall in love at first sight! Be sure to buy a bed-desk, if your family has a baby. Bed-loft serve the child a kind of mini-house, it will be interesting to sleep on top, climb the stairs to the second floor, to build a transformer between the first and second floor. As well as winning at the expense of the bed-loft space, will expand the space for games or children’s playground installation.

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