The bed is one of the most important things in domestic furniture. It should be not only convenient but also aesthetically beautiful. Thus, you should think about buying accessories that will give her an appropriate look. That is why the question how best to choose a bedspread, should be treated responsibly and choose it with taste. Here are some practical tips on how to choose a blanket.

How to choose bed spreads:

  1. Compliance covers the general style of the interior

Please note that the selection of home textiles was not left to chance. And pillows and blankets should be in harmony with the general atmosphere of the room. Assortments in stores are very rich, and you are sure to find something suitable in your case. Therefore, choose an optimal model blanket will have no difficulty.

  1. Practicality

A bedspread is primary to be practical and easy to operate – not Mark, resistant to dirt and easy. Expensive models are offered in stores are made of high-quality materials and is therefore usually even be washed in washing machines. Some models are subject only to hand-washing.

  1. Aesthetics

Another, no less important issue of choice covers, is a matter of aesthetics. We must not forget that covered perform a decorative function. Therefore, before buying you should carefully choose the color, cut and ornament. Do not take the veil from the bright and clumsy figure, as it will quickly get bored and flickers in his eyes. Looking for the perfect curtain stretched in front of you a large choice of materials: cotton, acrylic, satin. With regard to the latter, consider the functionality – though he looks very nice, but can crawl out of bed.

How to choose a bedspread – thick or thin?

Bedspreads can be thick – two-layer quilt or some filler or thin (so-called blankets) made of one layer of fabric with no lining. Coverlets can be with some applicable, embroidery or other embellishments, smooth or patterned. It is important to cover either fully consistent with the interior, it has become a bright accent, distinctive element, a twist. Thick usually look richer, but they are usually not painted too bright.

What should be the size of bedspreads?

When you are looking for your perfect blanket, carefully measure the size of the bed. There are two types of curtains – the long, pulled to the floor, or as short, laid under the mattress. In the first case, it is important is not only the length and width of the mattress but its distance to the floor. In the second case, it is important only the width and length of the bed. Finally, it should be several centimeters in stock, considering that on the bed linen will lie. The veil can be bought ready-made, or to sew to order – if the bed has a non-standard size.

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