A bed skirt is a decorative frill, framing the bottom edge of a bed. In earlier times, skirts were very common, and there were reasons for it. Before a buying bed, try to choose the highest bed possible, because the higher floor the warmer is a bed. Accordingly, under a bed was an empty seat, which could use the benefit. It looked like this, of course, is not very aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, a bed’s underneath zone can be covered with an elegant bed skirt.

From the history of bed skirts in a home interior

In the past, many women sew bed skirts from their grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Later, the need for this element has disappeared because the beds became lower and aesthetic frames. However, sympathy for women to not give a style of vintage bed skirts disappeared as a phenomenon. For example, in the United States and the UK an elegant bed skirt always remains relevant for classic and retro bedrooms. Now modern bed skirts are new fashion interior trends. No wonder, because the new – is well forgotten old.

Models of bed skirts

Skirts for beds vary in style and design. There are three basic models:

  1. Strict bed skirts. This is a sleek bed skirt with inverted pleats at the corners and sometimes in the middle of each side. This bed skirt is optimal for both classical and modern elegant bedrooms.
  2. Draped bed skirt. This bed skirt design has a lot of soft folds created by folded curtains. This bed skirt design looks feminine and a bit rustic, so it is best suited for bedrooms in the country style and design for the girls’ beds.
  3. Pleated bed skirts. The folds of the overhangs are not is gathered and laid and smoothed: they can be in the form of unilateral or counterclaim large pleats of bed skirts. This skirt for the bed is in the way of vintage and classic bedrooms.

How to make bed skirts DIY?

There are two varieties. The first is a one-piece skirt that is spread on top of the bed or placed at the base of the bed under the mattress.

The second option is a bed skirt with an elastic band, rope, tape, etc. This frill is stretched right on the bed frame or the mattress is already after a bed unmade.

The first model bed skirts lay under the mattress for the bed, in which the side-bar (frame side panel) are low. The base of this bed is almost on par with the top line of the frame. Such bed skirts are based on the plank panel with woodcarving and laid on top of the mattress.

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