Platform beds are widespread and popular due to its stylish and modern look. These beds consist of a frame with four legs and a solid foundation for the mattress. Reduced to a minimum, a platform bed is the surface of the desired size and height. Despite the fact that in this case, the design possibilities are limited, you can still choose some interesting details and brave enough to do the design and style.

Such platform beds are available in various sizes, but the standard height, typically from eighteen to twenty-two inches. Since the mattress has strong support from below the bed platform require no spring block. Usually, they are made of wood though other materials are used, such as metal and leather. Platform beds with low frames are close to the floor, making it neat and compact. Basically, platform beds have simple lines and minimalist look that can be combined with traditional and modern design of the room.

The bed platform eliminates the need for vertical panels to the legs and head. It works very well in small spaces, creating the illusion of more space. You can add a bed of utility by creating her cupboards and drawers. These beds platforms provide opportunities storage and help to get rid of the clutter in the bedroom. These storage space ideal for children and young people, as they can store their toys, books, linens, and other little things.

Advantages of a platform bed in a bedroom

The durable surface of a platform bed offers better support than a spring mattress. This design is very comfortable and provides a good rest back. Since a platform bed is equipped with sturdy frames, they can withstand a lot of weights and are much more durable. They did not creak as ordinary beds.

Platform beds are economically profitable. You save significantly on spring blocks and panels for the head and legs. Besides the bed platform does not require a separate mattress. You can use the same mattress that you used for the spring bed. But make sure that its size corresponded to the new bed. Platform beds are available in different versions: “twin”, “complete”, “Queen size”, “King size” and “California King”, as they can be custom made according to your preferences.

Tips for buying platform beds

The service life of a platform bed depends on the quality of material used in its manufacture. Cheaper models of pressure-treated wood or particle board are short-lived and can fall apart for one or two years after the acquisition. Get a bed of hardwood – oak, maple, rubberwood and tropical hardwoods. Metal alloys are also used to create a platform bed.

Choose a platform bed  that is collected using slots instead of nails and screws. These beds are durable and well-maintained weight. The bed size should match the size of the mattress. Therefore, specify the size of the mattress before choosing a bed platform. The gap between the panels must not be more than two to four inches in order to prevent sagging of the mattress. If the base of the bed is made of solid wood, make sure it has holes for the air to the mattress to breathe.

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