As you know, one-third of his life a man spends in his sleep. Modern manufacturers produce a variety of beds, including beds with drawers. The classical bed design are two of the back and the base on which the mattress is placed. Everything is simple and reliable, using high-quality materials and tightened as a almost eternal bed with storage space underneath.

The second category – beds with drawers for clothes. These beds are of two types: with drawers and a lifting mechanism, in this case, a box dryer is located under the base of the bed, and to reach it, you should raise the base along with the mattress. In such a bed design with storage, a lifting mechanism greatly facilitates access to the inner part, for lifting the base practically not necessary to make an effort. In each structure present their charms and flaws. A bed with drawers that are put forward, the construction is similar to the chest; under the base on opposite sides of a bed it has large two or four small drawers.

The advantage of bed design with underneath storage is that each box can be defined for storage of different things, for example, two drawers for bed linen, and the other two – for the usual things. By conditional disadvantages it is that the beds with drawers for clothes this design gets enough high, although for some people it can be an advantage.

In a bed with drawers with a lifting mechanism is somewhat different problem: one box, but more, depending on the bed with legs or without them depends on its volume and keep it at the same time linen and other things are not very comfortable.

Now we should talk about materials of construction for getting a bed with the storage space for linen. These include solid wood, chipboard, MDF and various metals. It is believed that solid wood is the best material for furniture, but only on condition that the tree of the environmentally friendly district.

The second common material from which made the bed with underneath drawers is chipboard, laminated or veneered, it is used in the manufacture of low-cost models. From CPD’s all very complicated, many manufacturers claim that is absolutely harmless material chipboard, chipboard opponents foaming at the mouth screaming that he harmful and emit formaldehyde.

In any case, you should look at the product conforms to health and safety standards, and for that there is a certificate. Whatever it was, but CPD is not the best material for furniture, it did not have a long service life, and the chemistry that is used in its production to be profitable.

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