Two people sitting on a double bed (King Size bed) receive an as much personal bed, as well as two single beds. In fact, if you moved along two elongated beds, they would be the same size as a double bed (Eastern King). For more flexibility, use 2 extra long single beds separately for single and connect them together for couples. Be careful when buying bed sheets. Before you go shopping for a king-size bed, be sure to accurately measure your bed.

Double Bed Standard King or Eastern King about 16 inches wider than a double bed (Queen size) and the same length. The large double bed is sold with two box springs or frame and a mattress. This facilitates its movement. The regular parameters of a single bed transferred to a king size bed:

  • Dimensions for a king-size bed is 76 “width x 80” length;
  • Along with the width for one person: 38″.

Arguments for using a king-size bed:

How is the widest available in stores double bed (Standard King) is the most comfortable for two adults. 80-inch length is sufficient for most people. The sheets marked under the bed »« King Size ».

But because of its size, a king-size bed may not be practical for one person, at least, to move it. They are difficult to lift up through the narrow, winding hallways and small rooms. The bed can be short for very tall people. King-size beds are the most expensive. A large king-size bed requires at least 2 or 3 standard large pillows, which naturally increases the cost.

Double single beds can be also referred to California King or Western King that are 12 “wider than the Queen and 4” long that its size. It is the longest of the beds available in the market and is the best choice for tall people. Both beds are supplied with a mattress and two spring halves, making it more manageable when moving. Extremely high single people can sleep in it diagonally and does not feel discomfort.

Some manufacturers of king-size beds do not adhere to established beds of “standard” sizes. Before buying bedding, measure your bed.

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