Buying a toddler bed, you should not pay attention only to the price and its appearance. There are several important factors that will help orient in a variety cots.

The best material for a toddler bed at all times was considered the tree. It is highly breathable and allows the body to breathe baby. Individual parts can be made of plastic or metal – the main thing that there were not too many so that the child could not hit them. Do not think that it is easy to determine from which made one or another bed. So do not hesitate to require a health certificate: it is written, which is made of a cut and how it is “harmless”.

Alder, birch, and maple are considered the best material for beds, but they are more expensive. Pine is cheaper, but it is much softer; rattle and teeth of your baby to leave visible traces of such furniture.

When the baby is not sat down and not get up, the depth of a cot can be small: it will greatly facilitate the lives of parents, which will be easier to take the baby out of the crib and put it back. However, once the child goes to the active crawling in his life, the depth of beds (from the mattress to the top rim) should be at least 60-65 centimeters; a baby could not fall into a fit of curiosity. As a rule, many costs can adjust the height of the floor: a baby’s bottom age falls.

When a child is a big one rim or completely removed, or because he can get a few bars, the baby can get out of their own beds. In addition, a removable board is comfortable and if you are using a system of “motorcycle with sidecar”: a toddler’s bed is close to the parents’ bed, which allows mom to be with the baby and feed him at night without getting up (and even a little wake up :).

The optimal distance between bars in a toddler’s bed is 5-6 centimeters. The logic is simple calculations – in between the slats should not be stuck arms, legs or head of the child. The distance between the slats as well as the height of the skirting – a safety of your child, so when buying a cot is better not to be lazy, armed with a ruler or tape measure and measure it yourself.

Ideally, the bottom of the toddler’s bed should be the rack. Most cots with solid bottom cheaper, but they do not mattress “breathes”. This aspect is important, so how to protect themselves from the “night of trouble”, virtually impossible, and the consequences of poor drying of the mattress can be the appearance of mold.

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