Choosing the right mattress for bed is necessary for a view of the future owner of the data: age, weight, height and health. During sleep, the spine needs to be properly supported. That provides such support, we call the mattress with an orthopedic effect (orthopedic mattresses).

Modern technologies allow developing orthopedic mattresses to sleep with improved orthopedic effect, among which everyone will be able to choose a suitable model for themselves. Comfort is the notion of a purely personal. Someone chooses a bed with a soft mattress, someone – with hard. Therefore, we produce different levels of mattress stiffness.

How stiff a mattress must be?

Depending on the substrate, can be how to choose between bed mattresses with springs and springless ones.

As the basis of the company’s products in the springless bed mattresses that use natural latex, coconut coir or orthopedic foam improved formula EcoFoam.

Springless mattresses are deprived “of the spring effect” and often are chosen orthopedic mattresses for children up to 12 years, during the formation of the spine of the baby.

Spring mattresses for a bed are also a good choice. “Bonnel” is the unit dependent spring based on springs bi-conical shape with a thickness of 2.2 mm wire. The height is 14 cm. All springs therein rigidly connected together and to withstand a maximum distributed the load of 700 kg. The drawback of block “Bonnell” is that when pressed on one of the springs are compressed and the adjacent elements. A system of this type is used in many modern mattresses collection.

Block of independent springs – there each spring is placed in an individual package and is losing able to guarantee its readiness to assume the load. Many manufacturers use in their designs several types of independent systems. You can choose a mattress with springs in the form of “barrel” or in the form of “hourglass”.

Pocket spring for a bed mattress is a spring in the form of “barrel” with a wire thickness of 1.8 mm. The density of the springs is 256 pieces per a square meter. Hourglass operates efficiently and flexibly, being more responsive with support from various areas of the body. Mattress with a system of “hourglass” has no restrictions on the weight of the sleeper.  The spring block “hourglass” used in many mattresses collections.

To give rigidity and load balancing used coco fiber or sisal – natural plant materials for bed mattresses, which are used for the manufacture of pressed coconut fiber or fibers of the agave plant leaves family impregnated composition based on the natural rubber latex.

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