Metal is associated with reliability and durability, but it is not always implemented in the production of modern iron beds. Try to understand how to choose a quality bed.

Wrought bed consists of a frame, the bottom (which lays down the mattress), and one or two backs. The bottom of the frame is half-open, as usual. It doesn’t prevent the natural ventilation of the mattress and can be a solid (metal strips in the wrought-iron beds) or flexible (made of special wooden slats). In really high-quality wrought-iron bed wood is allowed to use only for the auxiliary members, performing mainly decorative function, like headboard, bed base, various inserts.

Stamping and forging

Modern metal beds are made in two ways: by stamping and forging. Stamping is conveying of bulk deformation process of semi-finished metal. Forging is labor-intensive processing of the material at high temperatures, requiring individual skills.

Stamped beds are an inexpensive price segment, while their wrought counterparts are considered to luxury furniture. Actually, the method of operation of the metal determines the final cost of the beds.

Note the decorative details of the bed, especially the spirals. If you see that the ends of spirals are finished as if somebody cut off them, or they are finished with weld ball – this is probably the serial machine production that does not have any relation to the hand-forged.

Material of bed

Find out, the bed is made of solid metal or metal tubes. Stand up to the front of the headboard and try to sway it. If the bed is unstable it’s made of aluminum or steel tubes. An important indicator is the weight of the bed. Massive forged handmade bed weighs about 80 kg.

Base metal in the production of beds is iron, at least the brass (an alloy of copper and zinc), aluminum. Surely you have often heard that beds made of metal are durable and strong, but it’s not always true. The vast majority of factory metal beds made of iron pipes with thickness of 1.5 – 2 mm.This design can withstand the weight of two adult persons, no more than 200 kg. With additional loads it may bend or break. You can easily determine the quality of the bed by its weight. If its basis is quite easy, so it consists of fragile hollow tubes.Forged metal, which is processed at high temperatures, can withstand incomparably greater load.

Modern metal products are painted by powder coating. The choice of colors is unlimited: you can choose the range of colors to any interior.

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