Children are very frisky creatures that a minute cannot sit still, so surely learned to walk, to sleep in her little infant beds. Do not rush to buy the first liked the bed. To start, you need to find out what you should pay attention to and what do bed to choose.

Classical children bed with borders

Lattice bumpers are still but a child of 2-3 years they are no longer needed on the perimeter of the bed, but only at the head of that little fellow fell in a dream, but you could get out of bed without obstacles. In addition, the bumpers do not help sliding pillows and blankets during sleep if the baby will toss and turn. In these beds are often provided boxes of linen and wheels to facilitate the change of locations of the room.

Transformer beds for kids

On the face of it, there is an ordinary bed, but, in fact, it is a very functional piece of furniture. Apart from the fact that the bed grows with your child, it can still be equipped with a children’s chest of drawers, table and shelves (depending on the option chosen). This bed can also serve as a younger student.

Sofa beds

This option has attracted many parents compact and practical, and the kids – coloring. Folding sofas are relatively inexpensive when compared with the children’s beds and a very harmonious look in the child’s room.

But cushions will stand a disservice to the back of your baby – they do not meet the standards required for the health of the spine. They are either too soft or too hard, and the pillows have a joint right on the spine, which may adversely affect the development of the fledgling until the musculoskeletal system of a child.

Unusual kids’ beds

Manufacturers now offer a large selection of kids’ beds, stylized favorite cartoons our kids. Such bed may look like a car, bear and there are even costs for little princesses. Kids will be just delighted with these beds in their rooms.

But it is worth thinking about; it is still whether the bed is like a child, when he grows up. For preference in the cartoons are now changing very rapidly.

How to choose the bed for your 2-year-old kid?

When buying a bed for a child, it is important to take into account several important factors that will help the children’s dream to be strong and healthy.

It is best to stay on the tree (pine, beech, birch). Tinting or coating used for the surface of kids’ beds should not be toxic and contain formaldehyde. Harmful to child health furniture polish will shine and please the eye, but the ecological value of wood underneath it is actually zero. For cots only suitable water-based lacquer, it is, of course, more expensive, but safer.

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