Finally – the bed and is already bought, and one of the worries left behind. However, a lot of trouble lies ahead. And one of them is the right care for a new bed. By following a few easy rules, which are described in this article, you can not only enjoy a full, healthy and sound sleep throughout the life of the bed, but also to keep its original appearance and admire its beauty every day. This can be done with a simple modular beds, and with the bed, that have a lifting mechanism. So how do the nuances you should keep on mind, to follow to save wood furniture?


  1. Beware of high humidity, water and dampness – the enemy of wood, including the beds which are made of this material. So do not place the bed in the room with high humidity. If all the conditions to arrange a berth in the other rooms do not allow it to create the necessary enabling environment, eliminating excess moisture from the room by using fans and air conditioners. This will greatly increase the lifetime of the furniture.
  1. Pay attention about direct sunlight that can lead to such consequences as cracks in the polish or tarnish the surface, which greatly affect the appe arance of the bed.
  1. Installation of a product. Set the bed on a flat floor so that its total weight was able to be distributed over the entire surface and will not affect the shape of the bed
  1. Appropriate care. Use agents that contain wax or silicone. It is capable of the most positive impact on the small scratches that already appear on the surface of the product, and to prevent the emergence of new defects. Eliminate any solvent liquid from the maintenance of wooden bed.
  1. Regularly remove dust. Get rid of, that should be extremely dry cloth, as against the wet, the tree loses its luster and tarnish over time quite strongly.
  1. Carefully check the attachment. Do not neglect the opportunity to test at least once a month; you have all the parts in the prefabricated construction.
  1. Beware of insects. You should protect your bed from the various kinds of crawling and flying insects, which are capable of a rather short period of time to spoil the look of the design. Follow these simple tips and a berth last a very long time. If you want to learn more about bed caretaking, and read some useful and interesting information about the subject, you can visit this site:

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