Nowadays, bed quilt is not always necessary but still adds a great look to nay bedroom. Bed linen is truly a luxury, and hide it under the veil sometimes is a true crime. Fortunately, a bed and the color can be chosen for the interior to bed does not come in disharmony with the situation. However, a correctly matched bed quilt offers some advantages. First, being beautifully seasoned, a bed always looks neater. Secondly, the presence of bed quilts allows you to not limit yourself when choosing bedding – it can be any color completely.

Most often the best bed quilt should be sewn. Therefore, when you make a bedroom owners can opt for the most appropriate fabrics – both in quality and in color. This time, let’s talk about how to choose the color bedspreads.

How to choose the color of bed quilts?

There are no rules here. The veil can choose the color of decoration, furniture, accessories or other textiles present in the bedroom interior. Consider the different options when it comes to buying bed quilts:

  1. The color of a bedroom interior. One of the most common schemes – are covered by the color that predominates in the interior of a bedroom. It may have a different color, but the main color is the same. For example, if the bedroom is dominated by white and brown colors, white suit, brown or beige blanket. The blue-green bedroom quilt can be blue, green, blue, turquoise, mint, etc.
  2. The color of walls. Sometimes the best choice is the color covers, echoing the color of the walls in the room. However, the full “merger” is not desirable. The variety does not hurt, but on the contrary – will make the interior more interesting, textured. So, if blue patterned wallpaper, bedspread can have the same color, but without a pattern or other patterns. And vice versa – if the wall is monotonous, a bed quilt is better to choose the same color, but with certain images.

Universal solutions of the best bed quilts

If it is difficult to pick up a color and design of your bed quilts and accessories, there is always the opportunity to use an ultimate solution and choice of modern bed quilts.

Another versatile, but the more complex version is an accent bed quilt design. It can be brightly colored or completely neutral, but with a catchy quilt design. For example, a bed quilt in the bedroom can be of beige or black and white zebra patterned blanket in a blue bedroom.  A neutral bed quilt or another bed accessory should not necessarily match by color with everything in a bedroom. This color plan is suitable mainly for light, mainly neutral interiors.

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