With years of school we all know that a person spends much of his life in a dream. Our well-being and high performance is largely dependent on convenient and comfortable sleeping berth. The most important part of the interior of each bedroom, of course, is the bed. The great importance is presented by its good location in the bedroom. Installed in the right place, it will not absorb the space, but rather complement the environment with new functionality. Currently our market manufacturers offer a huge selection of beds made of the sufficiently broad range of materials. Basically it is wood in various combinations with modern interior, as the smaller part consists of metal structures.

Bed models

Wide frame locates freely on the floor, and the foot are functions performed by bed backs, becoming thus in a kind of support. Such furniture is very common in the east. The height of the bed varies quite widely so construction scaffolds can be very diverse. The height of the usual European (“French”) bed is about 50 cm. Transatlantic model, in contrast to the European, on the contrary, is very high. The bed with the mattress can reach 100 cm. On this occasion, the doctors clearly have a positive attitude to such beds. Sharply rising after sleep is harmful, and with such a high bed you have to practically crawl slowly. Well, the eastern model is the bed literally located just above floor level. Rising from the bed after sleeping in this case is difficult and uncomfortable, but quite a large part of people, especially the youth, sleep almost on the floor like that.

Pros and cons

If the bed design provides the main support as the entire area of ​​the frame, the under surface will begin to accumulate dust. And it will be possible to remove it, just moving the bed to another place. Also we can add an external sense of awkwardness due to the increased volume, especially in case where the doctors recommend maximum height of the framework. Other tangible disadvantages are absent.

From the perspective of the common man, any bed should be firm and stable. And here the bed foots will be defeated, because the bed without foots is without any competition, since the area of ​​support is much greater. How would such bedroom furniture operated intensively, foots will not break due to their absence. Perhaps this is the most important advantage. Also there is an internal space which you can use for storage of linen and different things. Typically, volumetric frames are often equipped with special spring lifting mechanism.

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