If in your house there is a dog, then it should have its own place – a cozy corner where you can relax after a walk, chew a favorite toy or just stay in seclusion. And it does not matter whether your pet is allowed to lie on the couch or bed, along with a host of in bed.

Remember, no matter how you tried to humanize their four-legged friend, the dog should be a place, a place should be inviolable. If earlier as the definition of personal space was used so-called “mat”, “bedding” or “mat” – a piece of old quilts, blankets, pillow case stuffed with foam, the recent considerable popular coaches for dogs. They are durable and have a fairly attractive appearance. However, the price of these accessories often overpriced, but if you really want to pamper your pet, you can make yourself and couch.

Choosing a dog bed

Today, for our four-legged friends there is a huge selection of furniture – even the most capricious landlord necessarily something unattended. Modern fashion offers the following options for dog beds:

  1. Mattress. The cheapest option, which came to us from the distant past, but with the very difference that today, for the manufacture of mattress uses the latest technology. If the outside is soft and durable fabric with the effect of “anti-claw”, something inside there is hollow fiber. Also today quilted mattresses – they do not crumble during washing. Because there is a large range of sizes, you can choose the mattress for a dog of any breed. It can be used as an independent unit, and can be as soft coatings in a dog basket.
  2. Anatomic parameters. Budget option decoration dog place. Beds for dogs, photos of which can be seen below – is only a fraction of the diversity. They are made of a metal or wooden frame. Some models have special feet – protection against drafts. These sun beds can be purchased not only the removable covers – they can be changed when dirty or depending on the time of year, but also a variety of accessories – pillows and blankets.
  3. A dog’s house. There are two types: closed and semi-closed. To say there is not, but the dogs love the privacy and admired the booth as her personal space. But if rural dog booth – a familiar and even banal, that for urban dogs, who live in apartments – luxury. It is for these doggies and built houses. Basically, they are made of wood or have a wooden frame and top are covered with a soft cloth or leather. Houses have a varied appearance – from the ordinary to the tiny courtyard booth “White House.” Cheaper options are made of cardboard and plush. By the way, experts say that a properly selected to house pet can be a complement to the interior.
  4. Basket. Such beds there are now two types – plastic and wicker. Not used in its natural form – to the bottom of the basket is necessary to lay a mattress or bedding (the softer – the better).
  5. Mini-sofa. This luxurious sofa made only in a reduced form – this new product has become popular not so long ago. Sofas are made exactly the same technology as for the people – a framework filler fabric as furniture upholstery. The sofa cushions can be ordered separately, removable covers, blanket.
  6. Cot. An analog of the sofa. Many dog owners love to pet is near, even at night – the bed can help. It is produced by the same technology as the bed for the people – a metal or wooden frame, mattress, upholstered furniture with a cloth cushion (or cushion instead), blanket.

What qualities must a dog bed have?

  • Even the most beautiful bench, having a poor quality of the materials from which made, will not please you for a long time. Remember that a dog’s place should be durable and easy to clean.
  • Removable covers. Any bench gets dirty quickly – no matter how often you bathe your pet. Buying a place for the dog, be sure to ask if they have couches removable covers, as well as they prove. Cases should be easily removable and washable and fast drying.
  • When choosing a dog bed pay attention to cover – it must be made of natural materials, as many dogs from synthetics allergy occur, while still long-haired coat and electrification.
  • Measure exactly your pet, so he did not have to huddle on a small couch too.

Manufacturers of dog beds have come up with a classification of the houses so that there were “breed” houses – for example, for taxes there are long, similar to mink beds.


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