Your daughter has grown up, which means it’s time to buy a new princess bed for girls for her. Let’s find out what is particularly to focus their attention when choosing a bed for girls of all ages.

Choosing a material for a princess bed for girls

The main recommendation when choosing a bed for the child is that preference should be given to the most natural subjects. The worst option – a bed made of natural wood. The advantage of wood is its durability and environmental friendliness. The most common in the modern furniture market Beds alder, oak, pine. It is important to choose the bed, which were used in the production of certified enamel and other coatings. So you can get the guarantee of their non-toxicity.

Considerable importance is the quality of the mattress base. Well, if the selected system is used springy bed slats, then a mattress is laid. Similar trims perfect way the load is distributed over the entire area that provides a correct position of the spine.

Safety and comfort of children’s beds for girls

If you want to choose a bed for a girl who is older than less 10 years, always think about the safety of bed. Avoid models of beds with irregularities and sharp edges. At that age give preference cots with bumpers.

When choosing the size, keep in mind that a comfortable sleep is possible only when the bed is two feet higher than the growth of a sleeping man. Therefore, to avoid having to change the bed every four years, buy a model with a stock length or look for options with the possibility of increasing length.

Bed for girls in a small room

If a girl has a room for small size, you can choose a bed with drawers; they can put the clothes, bedding, clothes and children’s toys. You can also consider the option of a bed with a lifting mechanism. Under such beds is one big box, something to put in it, you need to raise a little bed.

Recently there was another great alternative is a convertible bed. At night, the child will complete a comfortable bed to sleep, and in the afternoon due to the lifting mechanisms, it can turn into an ordinary closet, desk or dresser. It will significantly increase space for children to play.

Choosing a bed for a “little princess”

Girls love to surround themselves with a fairytale, because it is formed of a child developing the concept of femininity and beauty. Therefore, when creating an interior in the room for my daughter, it is necessary to design it comfortable, harmonious and attractive.

Now manufacturers offer a huge amount of options beds. For example, for the interior, decorated in the style of the palace, you can choose a bed in the form of the original carriage.

The most popular models of the so-called “princess beds” are four-poster beds, which create a wonderful atmosphere of fabulousness. In addition, the tester performs not only decorative but also practical function. So when the canopy closed, it is possible to protect the baby from the rays of the early sun. From a psychological point of view, it is in the four-poster bed child feels most secure.

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