What is important in any bed? Not luxurious pillow, interesting shape and price, and convenience. And it depends on two components: the mattress and the base. About the latter, we’ll talk.

Traditional beds consist of a box, the base lattice and the mattress. Tips doctors on everyone’s lips and most buyers already remember that the correct mattress should have orthopedic properties. Bed bases such attention is not given. But it is from it depends largely on how well will cope with its functions and how comfortable the mattress you will sleep.

The classic bed base

Manufacturers offer several kinds of bed bases that differ in structure, properties and cost. The flat solid base of boards, not linked to each other sheets of plywood, particleboard or fiberboard thing of the past. It is believed that when on a flat base support mattress starts to sag, Burst loses its original properties. Rigid, inflexible bottom may break under the influence of, for example, jumps of the child or under the weight of the complete man. But this traditional solid base of supporters there, marking its versatility: it is suitable for all types of mattresses, including thin, not orthopedic, creating for them a firm footing and ensuring a smooth position of the spine. The undoubted advantage of such sheets is their cheapness.

Lying on the grid of a bed base

The hit of sales are now rack base is a metal or wooden frame with attached to it straight or bent and glued slats. Make slats, usually birch or beech. Birch slats less robust and is often used in economy class models, beech slats are much stronger, but also more expensive.

Durability and construction price depends on the number of rods: the more, the more reliable. To the base is convenient, have a double bed should be at least 30 slats while the single – not less than 15. Moreover, the rack can be wide (5-9 cm) and narrow (3-4 cm wide). The first is best suited for mattresses and springless models with dependent springs and bottoms with narrow slats – under all types of mattresses.

There is a bed base in which the slats rigidity is regulated by means of special plastic linings cursor, enabling comfortable individually pick rigidity.

When you buy should pay attention to the ways of fixing rails to the frame. Slats for bed bases can be fastened by means of rubber or plastic holders. Rubber has a shock absorber that allows the bracket to withstand more weight, eliminates squeaking. Budget plastic holders are less reliable. When poor-quality plastics and exceeded the permissible load attachment may crack.

Tips for buyers of bed bases

If the bedroom is small, buy a bed with lifting mechanism box for linen under the base. Depending on the location in the room, you can pick up the bed with vertical or horizontal lift. Similar models have domestic and import bed base manufacturers. Since the European mechanisms are often built into some furniture compositions, their price is much higher than the price of U.S. analogues. But domestic products often do not possess the necessary reliability: the action mechanism is based on the tension coil springs, which during the operation quickly stretched and broken.

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