A rollaway camp bed can become an indispensable thing at home and at the cottage. It’s nice on a hot summer day to lie down on it under a shady tree. For unexpected guests, any solid camp bed can become an extra bed. Unlike ordinary beds, it can always be folded and put away in a corner or closet. In addition, the price for a camp bed will be cheaper than any other bed. But it is necessary to evaluate the clamshell is not the price, but the quality and practicality of use.

Modern manufacturers offer a large selection of camp beds to choose from. As a general rule, the framework of all cots is made of steel or aluminum, but as a basis can be:

  • stretched fabric:
  • stretched fabric on springs (classic camp bed);
  • stretched on springs galvanized steel mesh;
  • wooden slats (multi-layer wooden plate).

The most affordable are light, compact models, which can be used without a mattress. These include the clamshell without lamellae. They do not take much space, can be sold with a small mattress height or do without it. Ease of clamshells – minimum. These products are used for a short rest and infrequent use.

The least durable camp bed is one made of only fabric. The fabric may sag over time, and joints can separate. In such cots, they need to pay special attention to the quality of the seams and the material of the fabric. The indisputable advantages of such clamshells are the smallest size when folded and the smallest weight (frame is usually made of aluminum). These products are indispensable for mobile leisure when the size and weight are important.

The classic rollway camp bed with a basis of springs and fabric, too, may eventually come into disrepair. Especially, if a manufacturer applies the low-quality materials for the manufacture of springs. The springs are stretched and the tissue begins to sag.

For a thorough rest choose clamshell with wooden slats. Such clamshell provides sufficient rigidity basis and in conjunction with a high mattress allowed to fully enjoy all the pleasures of a comfortable stay. It is better if the fabric is on the cot tent, made of polypropylene.

The diameter of the spring wire in a camp bed must be at least 2 mm, the diameter of the spring – 12 – 15 mm. If you plan to use a cot in the open air, ensure that the springs are galvanized to protect against rust.

Before buying a rollway camp bed be sure to pay attention to how easy it folds and unfolds. If you unfolded there are any problems, it shows poor-quality mechanism. The presence of wheels – an additional plus, a cot will be convenient to move from room to room. Check how comfortable you will be in it to sleep, lie down; legs should not hang and slide off the mattress. If you are all triples, you can safely buy goods. Such a roll-away bed will be indispensable at home and at work, and in the country.

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