Captain’s bed is a bed with the extra platform that contains 2-3 drawers in a lower compartment beneath a bed. This bed is often a bit higher than normal beds and provides additional storage space. Captain’s bed is the perfect solution to save space, it is possible to store linens, toys, books and clothes.

Such bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom, in charge of the duration and quality of sleep, as well as for the condition of the spine and the entire skeletal system human. That is why in choosing a bed for the bedroom must be approached responsibly, taking into account all the requirements of comfort and security, and in accordance with the interior of the room.

Types of captain beds:

  1. Round bed – perfect for bedrooms, in the style of hi-tech, Art Deco, Art Nouveau. Due to its large size and shape of a round bed provides a comfortable sleep.
  2. Iron bed – highlight the original room. The preference for this type of sleeping couch gives those who seek to build a room in an original and in accordance with their taste preferences.
  3. Leather bed – hygienic, it is enough to wipe with a sponge soaked. It is suitable for bedrooms of different styles (ethnic, minimalist, classic and modern). In the summer of sleeping in a leather bed cool and cozy and warm in the winter.
  4. Bamboo beds are reliable, comfortable, durable and safe. They complement the interior of a room, and environmental stress tropical style, create a feeling of a country house.
  5. The built-in bed is a perfect for a small bedroom. They are ergonomic, comfortable and functional.

The design features of a captain bed

  1. The base of a captain bed is a supporting structure of the bed. From its strength and durability depends on the quality of the sleeping bed. The most reliable frames made of metal and wood. Beds with braided frame also feature durability, reliability, and durability. Less robust frames made from MDF, chipboard, and fiberboard. Eventually at fixing cracks, causing creaking and loosening of the frame.
  2. Bed frame serves to support the mattress. It is fastened to the frame and is made of metal, wood or particleboard. The frame fixed slats made of plastic or wood. Due to the flexibility they give to the base of the bed orthopedic effect. The more layers of slats, the more reliable the base of the bed. The base of the bed can be raised, by equipping the lifting mechanism (gas lift). In this case, the frame of the bed looks like a box, which is convenient to store things.
  1. Back of a bed determines the appearance of the bed and is designed to provide ease of a man during sleep or rest. The back is made of different materials have different heights or absent. There backrest with built-in lights or backrest adjustment mechanism.

Captain bed size is an important parameter that should be given due attention:

  • Specify the size of the bed in numbers – standards from different manufacturers are different;
  • Mindful of the fact that the size of bed is less than the size of the bed;
  • Standard width of a double bed – 160, 180 and 200 cm, single – 80, 90, 100 cm, from 100 to 150 cm;
  • Bed comfort depends on its size – choose the maximum size of a large bed, which can fit into the room;
  • Optimal length for captain beds with storage space – 15 cm more than a sleeper’s growth, which plans to sleep on it;
  • The height of a captain bed is chosen to take into account the person’s age than he is older, the higher the bed. Platform bed, topical in recent times due to the low height suitable for young and healthy people;
  • The width of the bed is chosen empirically – if lying on the bed with his hands clasped behind his head, elbows do not go beyond the bed and then the width of a captain bed is suitable.

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