What could be more beautiful than a good sleep, especially after a hard day? Ensure that it will be able to quality bed, which should be not only beautiful but also convenient. It should give a mental and bodily rest, sound sleep and a good mood. How to choose a reliable guardian of dreams?

Choosing a mattress for a transformer bed

Undoubtedly, the main element of the bed is a good mattress, but that he “worked” correctly and “lived” for a long time, it must support the corresponding base of the bed. Consider the most common options used scaffolds and materials.

Today, this option is irrelevant because of its imperfections: a base of hard and uncomfortable, it does not allow the mattress to “breathe”. When relying on the inflexible plane he begins to sink, there are depressions, which lead to a rapid loss of original properties.

Orthopedic foundation for a transformer bed is a metal loop of the square or rectangular cross-section. Such a circuit using solid holders attached special elastic elements – rails (eg, birch veneer). In this selected optimum amount per unit area rails bed, which enhances the effect of orthopedic and retains a human body in the correct position.

Thus, a mattress, and intelligent design are the key base of comfort and pleasant sleep, a beneficial effect on human health and providing him complete rest.

Rack and pinion, or base Solder pads consist of a metal or wooden frame and straight or bent-glued strips attached to it at a distance from each other by means of flexible plastic holders. These bases are good ventilated, usually inexpensive and come with a bed.

What should be the base for a transformer bed?

The plastic base is created by the plastic spring elements that provide excellent orthopedic support special individual areas of elasticity and hardness control. Often these designs are supplied with additional components, such as electric drive and remote control, with which you can change the position of the feet and the head, not getting out of bed.

Plastic base have high reliability, durability, and strength, but due to the high cost of such a bed can afford not everyone. Another of their negative is insufficient ventilation.

Materials for a transformer bed

Solid wood is a warm, comfortable, and most importantly, a strong material foundation for the production of bed. Each type of wood is characterized by its unique design and shades, and unpainted wood – and even aroma. Wood often gives an interesting shape, decorated with carvings, which makes a unique bed.

To this valuable piece of furniture he has served for many years, not crunched and loosens over time, it is desirable that its foundation consisted of hardwood: mahogany, beech, oak. Pine furniture is much cheaper, but the pine tree – the material is relatively soft screw joints will be loosened quickly, and knots in the pine boards during drying can cause bumps and pits on the surface.

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