Secrets of the choice of forged metal beds and at all times of the interior metal objects highly valued in different stylistic directions. The metal is used in the Empire style and the volume of heavy baroque, as they do not neglect the postmodern styles – such as bare loft and challenging techno. On the one hand, metal for beds is a hardness of reliability, on the other – this flexibility, elegance, and gloss.

How metal beds are made?

Modern metal beds are made in two ways – by stamping and forging. Stamping – is conveying of the bulk deformation process of semi-finished metal. In contrast to punching forging – is labor-intensive processing of the material at high temperatures, requiring individual skills? Metal double beds are an inexpensive price segment while their wrought counterparts are considered luxury furniture. Actually, the method of operation of a metal bed determines the final cost of the beds. Features a bed of metal main components of any bed – it is the frame, the back, headboard, mattress platform, feet (base). If we are talking about a metal bed, the first thing implies the presence of a metal frame.

Visually a metal bed is unlike most unique wooden non-positive. It consists of a thin rods or tubes and, as a rule, does not have the foot and the flanges. The bed’s head gives a visual outline of the main bed – manufacturers are paying particular attention to them. It may be a simple metal headboard in the form of simple geometric shapes or the head with highly wrought pictures. The classic double metal beds are often used soft headboard or canopy, giving couchette notes impressive. Furniture manufacturers to enhance the aesthetics of the products, combined in designs wood, plastic, and skin.

Selecting a metal bed

Metal frames of beds: what you should pay attention to the production of primary metal beds is iron, at least, brass (an alloy of copper and zinc), aluminum. Metal mesh as the basis for the mattress has long been gone, replaced by wooden slats thickness from 6 to 15 mm. Sponsored expression, the beds were made of metal durable and strong is not always true. The vast majority of factory metal beds made of iron pipes and steel profile thickness of 1.5 – 2 mm. This design can withstand the weight of two adult persons, ie no more than 200 kg. With additional loads may bend or break. When you purchase these beds is easy to determine its quality – the basis of a relatively easy (the hollow tube).

Forged metal is processed at high temperatures, a carbon and can withstand the incomparably greater load. Modern metal products are painted by powder coating. The choice of colors is unlimited: you can choose the range of colors to any interior. However, keep in mind that colors have a bright metallic mirror-diffuse reflection (glare). Manufacturers of quality and quantities, the industrial production of furniture in the past three decades has focused in the Asia-Pacific region. Metal bed conveyor by mass produced in Malaysia and China. Meanwhile, China, Malaysia and even more do not have large reserves of iron ore – are the world’s major consumers of scrap metal. Their products are cheap and of low quality. European manufacturers are not aimed at the mass consumer.

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