Bed with drawers became widely used in everyday life. This is primarily due to its functionality. The choice comes in favor of such products are made of the shortage of space in the room, wanting to use the extra space instead of the chest.

Children’s bed with drawers

Single bed with drawers for storage has become an integral part of the interior in children’s rooms. The number of drawers varies depending on the model: it may be one or more, and they will replace him a small chest of drawers. They tend to place children’s clothes and accessories, supplies, and baby toys. Most often, children’s rooms are buying a single bed with drawers but also equipped with modern bunk like space under each bed. Application of this method to keep some of the things in the nursery helps to leave as much space, not cluttered furniture for children to play.

Bed with drawers in the bedroom

Beds provided space for storage under the berth; have several modifications including a double bed with drawers. In such furniture is convenient to store extra blankets, pillows and blankets for the guests, and linens. From lifting equipment bed, storage with drawers gives a favorable opportunity to get stuff out of storage without disturbing sleeping family members.

Features of bed’s retractable design

Bed with drawers for clothes may have several mechanisms to nominate women, but there are those in which there are no additional mechanisms. It is much more convenient if there are guides that are easy to slip them without considerable physical effort. For large boxes, or the entire length of the bed, which is supposed to store blankets, pillows or other bulky items are used in addition to the small guide wheels.

Single bed with a box for linen

Alternatively, you can still see the bed with the lifting mechanism, they also have the cell for storing bedding. Despite the fact that, as already mentioned, a bed with a box for linen makes better use of space and is recommended for small spaces, it is still necessary to have enough space along the sides where the boxes, or open them will be extremely uncomfortable. This passage is recommended to calculate as follows: a space occupied in the extended state, add about 30 cm. When it is impossible to comply with such conditions, it is better to give up the bed with drawers in favor of lifting mechanisms.

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