Refined minimalism – is a distinctive feature of the interior from the Land of the Rising Sun. Europeans seems unusual strictness about colour in three or four colours, and the overall small size furniture. You can also read more on this site about choosing of a direct material for your bed, and lot of different useful information about bedroom design. In addition, the traditional Japanese interior making a feeling of spaciousness and the overall integrity of the space. Preference is given to natural materials.:

  • wood;
  • bamboo;
  • ceramics.


The roots

Based on harmony, comfort and tranquility inherent in the Japanese style, but at the same time striving for modernity, design in elegant minimalism bedroom is a smart solution. In this bedroom is easy to relax and indulge in a dream.

If you decide to design your bedroom in Japanese style, you need to keep in mind the principle of “wabi-sabi” – the Japanese outlook, which according to the indigenous population of Japan “gaijin” (letter. Man-not-here) is not given to comprehend. But we will try. “Wabi” – a modest and low-key, “sabi” – tradition, genuineness. Only under this principle modest simplicity you can organize the right space.

The distinctive element, which carrying Japanese flavour in the bedroom – is the folding screen. It is desirable that it was a sliding screen of rice paper, or fabric on a wooden frame. It can be decorated with a picture (preferably a stylized with a landscape). Screen designed to conceal from prying eyes the main element of the bedroom – the bed in Japanese style.


About Japanese beds

Traditionally, Japanese people slept on mats, futons and tatami mats – special thick mattresses, which are removing in a closet after sleeping. Sleepin on the floor (directly – on futon), for us – quite exotic, so it probably would be hard and uncomfortable. The fact, that the Japanese people slept on the floor for centuries, can explain common to all Japanese Beds feature – squat, not inherent to other styles. That’s why bed in Japanese style – low.

Bed in Japanese-style must be chosen only from natural materials. By design, most often bed is a wooden frame with two carrier beams that rest on the legs. Above the grille bars laid planks. There are very broad framework “sides” that after the installation of the mattress are looks like a stage. It would be better to choose an orthopedic, choosing size, depending on whether a single or a double bed. Feet in Japanese beds are usually thick, sturdy; usually four of them (but wide bed can include five of them, where fifth installed in the middle of bed). By shifting feet’s towards middle creating a visual effect of soaring above the floor

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Photo gallery of Bedroom of the Rising Sun (Bed in Japanese style)

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