Beds are items of everyday use, so people don’t think about its classification. In fact, there are many types of beds.

Spring beds

Traditional beds manufactured using springs. It may be “snake” spring-type, “bonnell” spring blocks or blocks of independent springs.

Spring bed for centuries proves its excellent performance. But it also has disadvantages. Many people know this familiar creak of bed springs.


Bed-book is very popular and relatively cheap option. This design combines the functions of a sofa bed and can quickly convert one into the other.

Bed-book is a model which is suitable for small living room. During the day it is commonly used as a sofa, and in the evening unfolds in a fairly (but not perfect), comfortable bed.

The bed-sofa and a bed-couch

Related types of beds, where the seating is both a berth. Sofa-bed has a length and width sufficient to one person in a supine position. But there are models in which the arrangement of bed is performed through the addition of special items (pillows, cabinets etc.) Quite often, buy a bed, couch or sofa parents decide to arrange a convenient, comfortable and a berth in the child room.

Dolphin type

Bed “Dolphin” is a vast bed and simple transformation.

The mechanism of transformation of the “Dolphin” is used in a corner sofa. The main feature is the presence of a special sliding block, which is located under or behind the seat. To equip a place to sleep, you need to pull the special (usually cloth or leather) handle and roll out additional power.

Horizontal folding bed or coupe

Folding horizontal beds, which are also called bed-cabinet or compartment are the best option for saving space of the room.

An important feature is that you do not need to exert much effort for tipping, so this furniture can be installed in the children’s rooms, convenient to use it and the elderly. The bed-compartment takes up very little space, because folding bed simulates horizontal part of the wardrobe. Others compartment cabinet used for storing clothes, linens, books, household items. So when the bed is expanded it is a real one or a double bed with bedside tables, shelves and other storage elements.


Bed-dresser is a favorite option for families with two or more children. The principle of this bed’s design in the second bed, which is gets as the usual shelve. For a child’s room this bed is a real find, it’s much smaller, functional and neater then traditional bunk beds.

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