The idea of installing bunk bed mattresses for children at first appeared together with the appearance of small apartments. Small square rooms force people to resort to tricks such as the expansion in height when it comes to the bedroom space. As a result, there appeared a space-saving solution – bunk bed mattresses. The main convenience of bunk beds is saving residential place, the second place is already fun for children and a constant concern for their mothers.

Pros of bunk beds

The major advantage of a bunk bed mattress is two stories with bed mattresses and provides the ability to free up space for children to play, setting the desk or cabinet. The well-planned arrangement of the room, you can carve out space for the sports complex or the Swedish wall.

For one child in the family, you can choose a bun bed for children on the second floor of beds, where the first floor will take walk-in wardrobe and a desk. Other options in this case – a chest of drawers for clothes, a dresser with toys.

Modern variants of bunk bed mattresses allow you to choose the material, shape and configuration of the furniture. Since commercially available pieces of furniture, you can find wood, iron, beds made of particleboard.

If iron bunk beds are in the past, wooden bunk bed models can greatly benefit against this background. They are designed to withstand the weight of the child (generally up to 80 kg), do not break and pleasant to look at. Besides all this, wood is an environmentally friendly material, so you cannot think about the harmful effects on the climate in a room.

Diversity of bunk bed mattresses

There are cross-cutting models, i.e. without additional racks and backs – there are bunk beds for kids made in the form of vehicles, cars, vans, animals (bulk mattress version); accessories with integrated tables, cabinets and shelves.

Choosing stairs to bunk beds is great. It also creates a lot of issues, chief among them: “What is the best ladder?” You can see how iron and wooden staircases, and mount them too different (from the side, front). Wooden stairs more often made in the form of boxes for clothes and toys for children, which is important in a small space. In any case, when choosing stairs need to build on the size of the room and the place where it will be a child’s bunk bed.

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