Beds with lifting mechanisms are in high demand, which is not surprising. In everyday life, they, in fact, have not only a function of bed, but also the dresser. It is easy to store in bed blankets, pillows, bed linen or clothing. By taking care of your comfort and saving space in the apartment, bed with lifting mechanism will be truly useful acquisition.

Benefits of beds with lifting mechanism

First, the bed lifting mechanism allows hiding in the cells under the mattress any bedclothes, pillows or blankets. Thus, you do not need to buy an extra dresser and clutter the room with unnecessary furniture. In addition it is more convenient to push the handle mattress than to mess with heavy drawers, which eventually is difficult to pull out from under the bed.

So, with buying a bed with lifting mechanism, you kill two birds with one stone by saving space in the apartment, and not suffering with drawers.

Types of lifting mechanism for beds

There are three types of lifting mechanisms: with coil springs, with the use of gas dampers and hinged manual lifting without springs or shock absorbers.

The lifting mechanism on coil springs is inexpensive, very reliable and easy to use. But metal spring requires some effort at raising the bed to the wall and eventually requires replacement.

The mechanism with gas shock absorbers is reliable and convenient to use, because thanks to the shock absorbers it can be lifted easily and smoothly. On average, the warranty for the mechanism with gas shock absorbers is five years. Of course the benefits of such equipment with gas shock absorber often reflect on the bed price.

The mechanism on hinged manual lifting without springs or shock absorbers, perhaps is the easiest one, but its biggest drawback is that it requires a lot of physical effort during the lifting.

Need for bed with lifting mechanism

It is believed that keeping of the bedding in cells under the mattress is not hygienic because the bed quickly accumulates dust. Some general thoughts reach absurdities. According to some psychics, in order to have normal sex life you cannot sleep on the beds with drawers or other cavities that store things. But it’s not serious and nothing unfounded statement. Dust accumulates where it does not wipe! So the intimate well-being cannot depend on the lifting mechanisms or drawers with clothes inside.

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